Marketing A For Sale Kindle Book Outside The Kindle Marketplace – How To Tips

Did you just write, convert, and upload an e-book for the Amazon Kindle Store? If so, you are now selling a digital text Kindle Book. It will be available for sale on Although Amazon is a popular website that receives a lot of traffic, you should still practice marketing strategies for your e-book. With marketing, you generate interest. The right interest should translate into more sales.

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So, how do you market a for sale Amazon Kindle e-book?

Create a sales page. As previously stated, an Amazon Kindle Book is in digital text format. When listing the book for sale, Amazon automatically coverts your files for you. You should still retain the original document on your computer. Use that original and create a traditional e-book. Use a free PDF converter online or create an account with Create a PDF Online. Traditional e-books should be sold in this format, as all computers are equipped with the software needed to read them.


After converting the Microsoft Word file into an PDF document, create a sales page. You make this website yourself or work with a freelancer on fiverr, guru or a site like these. It can be as short as one page and even have a video sales presentation; hiring a freelancer for this is very common even copywriters could help. Create a press release or outsource it. Mention the title of your e-book, your name as the author, and write a description. This description should include the story line or the topics covered in a how-to guide. Visit to create a free account. List your e-book for sale with PayPal as the accepted method of payment. This approach allows you to increase your earnings, as you target all computer owners, not just those with the Amazon Kindle device or app.

At the bottom of your sales page, mention your e-book is available for sale for the Amazon Kindle device. State your selling price and provide a link to your Amazon sales page.

Use search engine optimization on your sales page. In case you don't how search engine optimization works, it involves the use of keyword articles and content. Internet users search Yahoo or Google with these phrases. Is the e-book a how-to guide on saving money? Use a free keyword tracker tool, which can be found with a standard internet search. Enter in the phrase “save,” or “save money.” You will see exactly what phrases users search for. Incorporate these into your sales page. This allows the search engines to pickup your content. So, if an internet user searches for “how to save money on groceries,” they may be brought directly to your e-book sales page. There, they can purchase the traditional e-book or visit for the Kindle version.

Use customer testimonials on your e-book sales page. When selling a Kindle Book on, buyers will review your e-book. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get started. Some buyers don’t want to purchase an e-book without reading reviews first. If you don’t have any, they may move on. Prevent this from happening by getting customer testimonials that convert to reviews. Create a listing on or find websites that have readers who specifically read and review new books. Ask users to review your e-book. Offer them a free copy. Post those reviews on your sales page and in the product description for your Amazon Kindle Book.

Become active in e-book, Amazon Kindle and other communities of people that love reading all the time. Many message boards online cover a wide range of topics. A standard internet search can help you find message boards that discuss e-books and the Amazon Kindle. Become active in these communities. Join in on discussions or create your own. If the forum has a buy, sell, or trade section, list your Amazon Kindle book for sale and create a link to the sales page. If signatures are allowed, create a catchy slogan for your Amazon Kindle book and make the link clickable, leading to your sales page.

In conclusion, it can be difficult to market a for sale Amazon Kindle book. For that reason, create a sales page and sell the traditionally formatted e-book too. Find marketplaces for selling traditional e-books and communities of people that read new content and will give opinions on your new books. By stating on your personal sales page that your book is also available for the Amazon Kindle, you increase your earnings.

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